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Erasmus+ Mobility

Boosting Rural Youth Employment Based on Sustainable Agriculture

Location: Domašov nad Bystřicí/Czech Republic

Organization: Objektivni Evropa

Date: 08.05.2023-16.05.2023

The main idea of this project is to propose different methods to raise awareness and instruct the world’s adolescents about agriculture on a local and global scale.

Its goal is to reduce threats to ecological balance through sustainable agricultural practices, to raise awareness among young people and spread sustainable agricultural practices, and to encourage young people to engage in sustainable agricultural production.


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It was great, I met people and learned things about sustainability that I could easily use in everyday life. Czech Republic is a wonderful country. It connected me with its culture, nature, history and all other aspects. Thanks to what the project has given me, I will now pay more attention to sustainability in my normal life. Thank you very much to LİDOSK for giving me this opportunity. Every young person must participate in an erasmus+ project.

Burak EMRE

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From start to finish, the project was very entertaining and instructive in every aspect. Especially thanks to the project, I had the chance to gain in-depth knowledge about agriculture and sustainability. This project has helped me in many ways. To give an example; recycling, compost, soil structure, environmental engineering etc. I have been informed about such matters. It was a 9 day project. I had a very productive 9 days. Thank you very much for giving me this chance. I hope our paths cross again.


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First of all, thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this project. Thanks to the project, I learned a lot about agriculture such as farming life, agricultural sustainability, recycling and composting. I met very nice people and cultures. It was very enjoyable to make new friends and share. It's been a nice 9 days, I hope we can see each other again in such beautiful projects, thank you.

Rüstem Oğulcan KAPLAN

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It was my first erasmus+ project, I had a really good time, although there were many troublesome things, the communication between people was very good where we stayed, everyone was trying to add something from their own culture. It was really good for my personal development, I learned a lot of new information, the best part is of course that I made good friends.

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