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Erasmus+ Mobility

Youth Can Stop Radicalization

Location: Kobuleti/Georgia

Organization: Youth Center of Georgia

Date: 22.04.2023-01.05.2023

" Youth Can Stop Radicalization” goal is to reach marginalized young people, to improve diversity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, common freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights, and media literacy, critical thinking and youth's sense of initiative. The overall objective of the project is to prevent violent extremism and youth radicalization.


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The Erasmus+ project that I participated in abroad left me with many wonderful memories. Whether it was the topic of the project or the activities we did, it was quite impressive and beautiful. Especially the activities where we portrayed radicalization through theater games were amazing. Throughout the project, I met many friends from different nationalities and learned about many different cultures. Whether it was the Batumi trip or the Georgian cuisine, everything was wonderful. I thank the LIDOSK association for giving me this opportunity. After this project, I will try to participate in as many different Erasmus+ projects as possible.


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I gained a lot of experience in this project. I learned important information about radicalization and respecting each other's opinions. For me, the best part of the activities was working as a team because we had different teams with different people and produced different and valuable ideas in each session. Making friends from different countries and cultures taught me a lot. I learned about Georgian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, German, and Egyptian cultures, their songs, traditional dances, and of course, tasted delicious food from each country.


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My overall view of the "Youth Can Stop Radicalisation" project is very positive. The intercultural experience was really important to me. We had so many wonderful moments that we wouldn't have been able to do in our daily lives. The sessions on radicalization, inclusivity, and factors that make people think were my favorite sessions. The program's interaction was very beneficial for everyone. The energizers prepared us for the day, the games brought us even closer, and the meal and free time gave us the opportunity to refresh ourselves. The accommodation conditions were good. Every cultural night was perfect. I am very grateful for being a part of this project!


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Everything was extremely beautiful, from the people who welcomed us to the activities. Everyone should experience this kind of experience, and also everyone should visit Georgia as it is a very beautiful country. I thank LIDOSK very much for providing this opportunity.

Murat ÖZER

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It was a very fun and educational project. I made beautiful friendships and gained wonderful experiences. I learned about the countries and cultures of people from different nations, and at the same time, I had the opportunity to share my own culture. It was really enjoyable, and I'm glad I went!

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