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Romanya - Volunteering & Solidarity Camps

VSC aims to implement one volunteering short term stage during the winter of 2022-2023. During this stage, the volunteers will be involved in organizing activities for youngsters living in rural areas in Maramures county.


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My name is Saadet. I would like to talk about my ESC long-term Romania project, Baia Mare and the good things that volunteering has brought me. First of all, I would like to point out that Baia Mare is a small but beautiful, safe city where you can spend time with your friends and collect memories. It was very enjoyable to live in the same house with people from many different countries and to travel together. It was really worth that to go to different village schools and central schools every day and to see that curiosity and sparkle in the eyes of the children. Of course, every beauty has some difficulties. It was challenging for me at first that getting used to the lifestyle of a different country and crossing the language barrier, but after spending some time in Romania, I saw progress in myself. Although getting out of my comfort zone is the most challenging, I now know that the Romania city of Baia Mare is also my home.

Online Information Day

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We are happy to have the opportunity to share with you the six-month ESC volunteer experience of Saadet KARTAL, whom we support in project participation through our partnership. During a productive meeting, we shared Saadet's project experiences and the current volunteering experience of Sarp, who is still volunteering in Italy. We discussed the content of the ESC program, addressing what young people can expect as volunteers and addressing any concerns they may have about living conditions in projects. We would like to thank everyone who participated for their valuable time. We hope to see you at the next event!

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