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Erasmus+ Mobility


Location: Druskininkai/Lithuania

Organization: DUC

Date: 04.09.2023-12.09.2023

This project will address the need of promoting volunteering among young people in general and focus on its benefits for the society. The project was prepared with the help of three ESC volunteers, who were volunteering in the organizations of Druskininkai, so all the activities will be strongly focused on practice.

Additionally, the project aims to:

● Acquire new skills;

● Increase their knowledge and competences about volunteerism;

● Active citizenship also learn about opportunities available on the Erasmus+ Programme.

Durmuş Gülbahar

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Thanks to LIDOSK, I had my first international experience. We planned everything from the beginning and set off on the journey. The initial sense of foreignness gave way to a very sweet friendship from the second day among the participants. I gathered beautiful memories that I will never forget.

Taha Yağmur Aycı

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I participated in this project as a leader, which took place between September 4th and 12th. I was involved in every activity conducted overall, and in addition, I took on the role of coordinating my team. We followed a program that ultimately achieved the main goal of the project, which was to promote volunteer activities and provide information about Erasmus+. Through our SWOT analysis, volunteer cleaning activities in the forested area, school visits to raise awareness among young people, and the GALA event we organized in an open area, we created awareness about the concept of "volunteerism." I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the project and to LIDOSK, which sent me as a leader.

Nuran Er

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I participated in the "Let's Plant Volunteering Seeds" project from September 4th to 12th, and I gained an incredible experience. Thanks to the project, I met wonderful people, made new friends, had the opportunity to improve my language skills, and learned more about Erasmus+ and the concept of volunteering. I am very happy that my first Erasmus+ experience went so well, and I can say that I am eagerly looking forward to other experiences in the future.

Yelda Sıla Mumcu

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Between September 4th and 12th, we had the great honor of representing Turkey in the Erasmus+ project "Let's Plant Volunteering Seeds" that took place in Druskininkai, Lithuania. In this special project, together with young participants from Turkey, Italy, Georgia, and Lithuania, we presented unforgettable dance performances to the local community, introducing the rich arts of four different countries. We connected with nature by planting trees in the heart of nature, immortalizing our project. We also provided information about Erasmus+ and volunteering topics in schools, sharing our experiences and enriching the vision of young people. By harnessing the power of digital transformation and intercultural communication, we gained new experiences by coming together with young people from other countries. Thanks to LIDOSK for this unique experience!

Zafer Artukoğlu

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The project was all about answering any questions and encouraging curiosity regarding volunteer training. It was my first project and an incredibly unique experience to start with. Getting to know people from different cultures was amazing. I will never forget the memories and experiences I gained with them.

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