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Erasmus+ Mobility

İlhavo Training Course

Location: İlhavo/Portekiz

Organization: CNAPEF

Date: 22.05.2023-26.05.2023

School is considered one of the greatest means of socialization, experiences and acquisition of new key competences for lifelong learning, for the technological age and globalization in which we live, we watch young people who renege on their training course because of the ease with which the information is placed in their hands and intersocial relationships are shaken. The acquisition of new key competences, personal and social development and experiences pass to last plan, with a significant increase in the rates of social exclusion, failure and early school leaving, disintegration and NEET youth.


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Hello, as a participant of Lidosk, it was a 5 days project in Ilhavo town of Aveiro city of Portugal. Each moment carried a different experience and lessons. I experienced a concrete example of how people from different cultures can mingle in a short time. I think that everyone should get to know different cultures and make friends with such projects. I would like to thank LIDOSK for including it in such a project.

İbrahim ÖZKAN

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The project took place in the town of Ilhavo in Portugal, where we have information about the place of sports in our lives and its relationship with education. It has been a full project where we tried to find answers to questions such as how we can bring individuals, including people with disabilities, together with sports, what are the professional sports fields, and experience different types of sports. In this context, we had the opportunity to observe and experience the sports activities in a local school where we also continue our education, we received a little training on sign language, we tried to empathize with disabled individuals by trying to play basketball with one hand and football with a disabled foot, we evaluated sports activities in different countries, We visited the city hall, listened to the mayor's work in his area, visited the local fishing museum, meanwhile we had the experience of surfing the ocean waves, and our recent visit to the creative science park was very eye-opening.


lidosk 150

Within the scope of Erasmus, we organized various activities that develop solution-oriented skills in the training course with sports content held in Ilhavo, Portugal, between 22-26 May. At the culture night, we exhibited foods that promote Turkish culture. We introduced the country as a group. After receiving theoretical information about sports education, we had the opportunity to put it into practice with various activities.

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