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Erasmus+ Mobility

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Location: Lębork/Poland

Organization: Stowarzyszenie EDUQ

Date: 27.06.2022-05.07.2022

This project aims to show the importance of volunteerism and the economic value of the work volunteers, show the social and personal value people gain when they volunteer, increase public awareness of the benefit and contributions of volunteers, promote volunteerism and youth engagement in civic life, motivate people to make a commitment to volunteer work and to maintain or increase their current level of involvement, develop participants’ knowledge regarding different types of volunteering and to increase their soft and social skills and promote Erasmus + opportunities.

Cevdet Kadri KARAGÖZ

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I got involved in the project through a friend of mine. I have never been involved in such a student exchange project before. I thought maybe there would be some problems or arguments when I saw the countries which included for the project such as Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Greece. They were at the same place together, but from the first day of the project and the days after I met lots of kind and nice people. Especially from the Georgia I earn some beautiful friendships. In addition, I had a chance to observe how people react about some situations and how they think when we were doing our tasks with people who are in the project from north to south, from east to west. Every groups introduced their own culture and my interest in other cultures is increased. I added these countries to my list of places to go, and I also saw how much we have in common. As soon as I return to my hometown, I'm planing to join a volunteering community and help people. people who have the opportunity to take part in such a project should definitely take the first step and take part without fear. These projects provide great opportunities for both personal development and cultural diversity & communication.

Zeliha Deniz ALTA

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Our activities took place at the Lębork Conference Center Baza and the accommodation was hotel Hotel Vega. During the whole program, fun group games were played, allowing individuals to socialize, get to know each other and have a pleasant time. On the subject of Erasmus projects and their importance, I would like to point out that thanks to Erasmus projects, it gives opportunity of to be abroad for a certain period of time is obtained, and the life, culture, etc. and It provides to the opportunity to establish relationships with people from different countries, practice foreign languages, improve communication skills of young people, and provides opportunities for them to discover themselves and their interests. It also increases their motivation to volunteer to participate in other projects, or helps people to increase their success rates by helping them to create new networks for partnership collaborations in other projects they plan to do.

Burak Emre

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My name is Burak. My trip to the youth exchange project in Poland was a little fast. I was pretty tired on the way, but then I got there and I was really glad that I came. I've made some really good friends. I made Greek, Armenian, Georgian and Polish friends. We're still seeing each other . I even went to visit . The most important thing that it can really add to you is the Network . If you have a good network, you don't have to pay for a hotel wherever you go. Joking aside, you really get rid of your prejudices. You can also make a unique experience.

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