The Diversity Tolerance Acceptance – Krusevo at 1-10 December 2018

“Social Media Literate = SAFE + EMPOWER + ENGAGE” Struga / Macedonia
Eylül 28, 2018
Media: Key Tool of Social Inclusion
Mart 7, 2019

Our volunteers had such an amazing time in Krusevo at 1 – 10 December 2018. During the the youth exchange they learnt a lot, improved their knowledge about Erasmus+ and represented Turkey perfectly. As Lidosk, we are proud of them because they represented us and our country druing the youth exchange. We would like to thank to them and share the memories and experiences of our team leader Esra Göker from ”The Diversity Tolerance Acceptance”.

The Diversity Tolerance Acceptance Project which I participate in Kruşevo at 1-10 December 2018 has been very efficient for my career, teaching new generations and for my perspective.

I am working as a primary school teacher. First of all, I told my students about the places I photographed during my city tours. It has been very interesting for my students because none of them had been in a foreign country. I talked about geographic structure of not only Makedonia, but also all the participant countries of the project; physical appearance, cultural value, habits, foods and games of foreign people. I made them watch short videos that I took with my camera. At the end of the day I asked them to write about what interested them most, which country they want to visit, which country has similar cultural habits with us, what they think about foreign people and if they want to participate a project like this. We talked and discussed about their answers.

During the project, we made amusing activities to socialize and transfer cultural elements. I didn’t forget none of these because I took notes. I am frequently practicing these activities to increase the energy and motivation of my students. I am teaching them to respect other cultures and I told them differences between people are cultural wealth; otherwise routinized life will be boring. I took support from the teachings during the program. I gave them information about “Erasmus + Youth”. I told them participating projects like these, when they grow up, will be very helpful for their self-improvement. I told them I will guide if anyone wants to participate projects like these.

I learned about Erasmus and Youthpass. I became more tolerant to other cultures, know about them, accept them more easily. I ‘ve got the chance to visit a foreign country, to learn about their historical artifacts, to visit their museums, to taste local flavors. I ‘ve learned to improve my ability to prepare a presentation with videos by using different computer programs.

LİDOSK Project Team



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